(Disclaimer: for some reason I did not take a single picture of the actual Millennium Bridge, so the picture is courtesy of Wikipedia. Everything else is mine.)


The Windsor period is so massive, it’s hard to decide which aspect to focus on. Since I seem to be really into walking across bridges, I decided to write on the Millennium Bridge!

This bridge, which crosses the river Thames, was actually originally part of an architectural competition in 1996. This is super special because normally you have to go through Parliament to be able to build a new bridge. Maybe that’s why it had two grand openings; once in 2000, and then once again in 2002 (when it stayed open for good). This is because when it originally opened, the bridge “wobbled” when people walked on it. Though the engineering behind the bridge guaranteed that the bridge wouldn’t fall, it was still a little scary for the people crossing. They decided to shut the bridge down to basically build giant shock absorbers so that the bridge would no longer sway.

Another cool thing about the bridge is that it is covered in art! There are allegedly over 400 pieces of art on the bridge, painted by artist Ben Wilson AKA The Chewing Gum Man.  What a cool little piece of London!

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