Since my blog has already been turned in and received a grade (a bad one, but whatever), I thought I would come back and add some stuff to my blog for you guys. I didn’t realize how many people would see this blog – people from all over the world! I feel it is only fair to let you guys see everything I’ve been doing.

So, thank you for reading about my London Adventures, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to share.

PS If you’re looking at one of my posts and it has a big black box, wait until it loads. That’s a slideshow of all the photos I’m talking about, because uploading them all (the way I did with my prehistory post) feels messy. And hear me when I say I’ve been taking a lot of photos.

PPS Apparently my blog is hard to navigate, so it goes in a reverse chronological order where the most recent post is at the top (meaning scroll down to see old stuff)


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